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Ultimate UCCW Skins for Android - Part 4

Do you want awesome looking clock and weather widgets on your Android homescreen? Of course you do. Of all the apps that are available in Android play store, Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW) is one of the best. You can create any kind of clock you want. Apart from telling you the time, it also keeps track of weather, your missed calls, texts, mails, battery level etc. It completely changes the look of your smartphone. It can even make your device look like iPhone or Windows Phone, if you want. Such beautiful and sleek themes can be made out of this.

How to use these skins

Ultimate UCCW skins for Android - Part 1

Ultimate UCCW skins for Android - Part 2

Ultimate UCCW skins for Android - Part 3


Cool looking Gizmo uccw widget skin for your android devices.

  • App contains 3 versions of the skin. One with grey header bar, one with reddish orange and another with blue header bar.
  • All 3 skins show time in sleek and big fonts.
  • Header bar contains Current weather condition icon with current temperature and current date.
  • Bottom bar has 5 buttons. Home, Calls, Search, Text, Maps.
  • Missed calls and new text counts show up here. Your current location shows up above Maps button.
  • There are total of 9 hotspots in each skin. You can assign your favorite apps to these.
  • Tap the gear icon at the top right to edit the skin.


Minimal and yet stylish UCCW skins made out of Ribbons.

Pack contains four uccw skins - Date, Time, Notification and Weather.
You can change the colors and formats of different elements of the skins; except for color of the ribbons.

Desk Clock 2

A simple and elegant desk clock widget for your android devices.

Analog clock with sleek hour & minute hands. Along with current date.
2 Hotspot place holders. Assign your favorite apps to launch from them
You can change color and format of any part of the skin. (other than the color of the clock hands.)

Sense Analog Clocks

Love the beautiful HTC Sense ring, that they have on HTC devices' lockscreen? I do. So, I created Sense icon packs some time back using those rings.

But a theme is incomplete without a matching clock widget. Hence, presenting to you, Sense analog clock skins for UCCW.

This skin pack contains 5 different analog clock skins; one for each of the sense icon theme packs mentioned above. Each skin has a hotspot to launch the Android stock Clock app.

Banners UCCW Skins

Screen full of tiny button like icons is sooo passe. Jazz up your screen with wide app launcher banners.

This skin set contains 15 banner skins in total; every skin working like an icon to launch one app each. The skins are - Chrome, Clock, Contacts, Date, Facebook, Files, Gallery, GMail, Maps, Msg, Music, News, Phone, Settings, Weather.
Pick the ones you want and arrange them on your homescreen/lockscreen anyway you want.

Grid UCCW Skins

You are all too familiar with screen full of icons in grids. Or are you? Who knew icons in grid could look this beautiful. Crete separate pages with 3x3 grid of icons of same group of applications; adorn each page with calligraphy header and date/time widget.

This skin set contains 22 skins in total; most skins working like an icon to launch one app each. The skins are - Calculator, Calendar, Calls, Chrome, Clock, Contacts, Date, Facebook, Gallery, Game, GMail, Maps, Msg, Music, News, Settings, Store, Time, Twitter, YouTube. +2 header skins.

All the tiles are editable. Change the color and format to match your wallpaper/needs.

Ubuntu UCCW Skins
Ubuntu on AndroidUbuntu on Android
Ubuntu on AndroidUbuntu on Android

Click for More Screen Detail

Are you a fan of Ubuntu OS? Then you must've heard that Ubuntu is coming to Android. But there's still a long time before you'll actually get your hands on it. And even then, it might be very complicated and difficult to setup. Want a quick fix? Bring the looks of Ubuntu OS to your Android device using these stunning Ubuntu UCCW Skins. Setup the Ubuntu theme for Android.


  • This skins pack contains 3 sets of skins + a mind blowing clock. The sets are
  • Favorite. Contains a header skin + 6 app skins - Facebook, Twitter, Game, Maps, News, Files.
  • Essentials. Contains a header skin + 7 app skins - Calls, Contacts, Text, Settings, Calendar, Play Store, Weather.
  • Media. Contains a header skin + 6 app skins - Music, Gallery, YouTube, Browser, Camera, Mails.
  • Plus a superbly beautiful clock.
  • Assign the apps you want to each of the hotspots. Total of 21 hotspots.
  • You can change color of the text and hour format of the clock too.

Candy UCCW Skins
Candy UCCW SkinsCandy UCCW SkinsCandy UCCW SkinsCandy UCCW Skins

Click for More Screen Detail

Jelly Bean 4.2 brought Quick Settings panels to android. Swipe down status bar with two fingers and you've got several power toggles at your fingertips. But all the tiles there are black. :( What if you could have tiles looking like those in multi-candy-colors? And all over your device's screen; not only in statusbar, but wherever you wanted? Presenting - Candy UCCW Skins


  • This is Jelly Bean 4.2 quick settings inspired theme. Contains 36 tiles/skins.
  • Alarm, Audio Manager, Battery, Browser, Calls, Camera, Chrome, Contacts, Date, Drive, Dropbox, Email, Facebook, Files Manager, Flipboard, Gallery, Gmail, Google Plus, IMDB, Locker, Maps, Music, Player, Search, Spotify, Store, Task, Temperature, Text, Time, Tumblr, Twitter, Voice, Weather, XDA, YouTube
  • You can change the background color and text color to anything you want, for each of the tiles. you can make them all blacks too, if you want. Your imagination is your limit.
  • Assign the apps you want to each of the tile hotspots. Each of the 36 tiles have a hotspot.

I'll add more skins in this post, as and when I create them. You can Like it's Facebook page to get notified when this post is updated. Drop me a line in the comment box below if you have any questions or if you want any other thing [icons, wallpapers etc] that goes with above skins. Or just to chat. :)

If you appreciate my efforts and would like to say thanks or show your support, you can always buy some of my apps from Google Play Store or Amazon App Store. Cheers.

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