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Ultimate UCCW skins for Android - Part 3

Do you want awesome looking clock and weather widgets on your Android homescreen? Of course you do. Of all the apps that are available in Android play store, Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW) is one of the best. You can create any kind of clock you want. Apart from telling you the time, it also keeps track of weather, your missed calls, texts, mails, battery level etc. It completely changes the look of your smartphone. It can even make your device look like iPhone or Windows Phone, if you want. Such beautiful and sleek themes can be made out of this.

How to use these skins

Ultimate UCCW skins for Android - Part 1

Ultimate UCCW skins for Android - Part 2


Windows Phone 8 (Now called - "Tiles UCCW Skin")-

Love the look of the Lumia 920 or Windows Phone 7/8 in general; but don't wanna give up your Android device? Now you can have best of both world. Bring the Windows Phone 8 (Metro) look to your Android mobiles and tablets.

This skins set contains 21 skins in total. More to be added. Skin sizes between 1x1 (mostly), 2x1, 2x2. Pick the ones you want and arrange them on your homescreen/lockscreen anyway you want. Create different looks. Each skin can launch one dedicated app. The skins are -

Skin/Function - Launches App
Battery Level - Battery Doctor
Missed calls count - Phone dialler
Camera - Camera Gallery
Date - Calendar
Google Plus
New Text - Messgaing
Music - Google Play Music
Search - Google Search
Talk - Google Talk
Time - Stock Alarm
Voice - Google Voice
Weather - Go WeatherEX

The skin set is available in three colors. Blue, Green and Red. Check out all the screenshots here -

Get them directly from Amazon -

Here's how the screen looks when you use them all together -

Tiles UCCW Skins - Games Pack

Continuation of the Tiles UCCW Skins pack; this pack contains 54 skins in total; every skin working like an icon to launch one game each. Different varieties of games are covered, including latest games like -

Angry Birds Star Wars
Asphalt 7
Bad Piggies
Dead Trigger
Granny Smith
Jetpack Joyride
Need For Speed - Most Wanted
Rayman Jungle Run
Subway Surfer
Zombie Swipeouot
and many more.

Tiles UCCW Skins - Google Apps Pack

This skin set contains 35 skins in total; every skin working like an icon to launch one app each. Almost all popular Google apps are covered. The skins are -
Skin/App - Size
Chrome-2x1, 2x2
Currents-1x1, 2x1
Earth-1x1, 2x1
GMail-1x1, 2x1, 2x2
Maps-1x1, 2x1
Movies-1x1, 2x1
Music-1x1, 4x2
PlayStore-1x1, 2x1, 2x2
Google Plus-1x1, 2x1, 2x2
Settings - 1x1
Translate-1x1, 2x1
YouTube-1x1, 2x1, 4x2

Pick the ones you want and arrange them on your homescreen/lockscreen anyway you want.

Chameleon UCCW Skin -

There's a new launcher in town - Chameleon Launcher. It is one of the best looking launchers with its own set of beautiful widgets. But sadly, it is only for tablets. But if you really really want it, you can have few widgets looking similar to those of Chameleon Launcher on your Android mobiles. Presenting Chameleon UCCW Skin. And if you don't have Chameleon Launcher on your tablet, you can still have that look using this skin.

This skins pack contains 4 individual skins. They are -
* Time - Shows current time. Tapping it will launch stock alarm.
* Weather - Shows current weather condition and Current/minimum/maximum temperature. Touch top right corner to update weather info. Hotspot for Go WeatherEX at center.
* Notifications - Shows missed calls, new text messages and battery level. Each has it's related app linked.
* Favorites - Quick shortcuts for 3 most frequently used apps - WEB=Chrome, PHOTO=Stock Gallery, MUSIC=Play Music. All have hotspots of course.
Pick and place any of these widgets any way you want on your home screen or lockscreen.

Glass UCCW Skin -

Sometimes some widgets are so beautiful that one screen is not enough for them. Presenting Glass UCCW Skins. A pack of 3 skins. Place one in each screen and keep swiping through them. Or place 'em all together on one screen.

* Glass-Time: Minimal analog clock, digital time and date. Launch Alarm, Clock, Calendar.
* Glass-Status: Missed call, new text notification, Battery status. Launch dialer, messaging, GMail.
* Glass-Weather: Current weather condition, temperature, min/max temperature, weather forecast for 2 days.

DeskClock UCCW Skin -

Inspired by Dimas' clock design, presenting to you "DeskClock UCCW Skin". A simple clock skin, which can fit anywhere.
Contains -
Time, Date, Battery Level with a nice circle.
Hotspot trigger for Alarm, Calendar, Phone dialer, Play Music, GMail.

Shapes UCCW Skin -

Another play with sharp shapes. Triangles and Squares. In beautiful colors.

* Time, Date, Battery, Temperature, Weather conndition.
* Missed calls, new text count. Hotspot all + GMail.

Trays UCCW Skin -

I'm fascinated with different shapes coming together, I guess. This is my third UCCW skin that plays with different shapes.

* Time, Date, Battery, Weather conndition.
* Hotspot that launches Alarm, Calendar, Battery doctor and updates weather info.

Disk UCCW Skins -

Love minimal yet stylish analog clocks? Or maybe a mix of analog and digital clocks? Then this uccw skin is for you.

* Pack contains three skins.
* Analog-Disk: Minimalist analog clock with three layers of disks. Outer white hand shows hour and inner grey hand shows minute.
* Digital-Disk: Hands are replaced by dots here. Outer grey dot show minute and inner white dot shows hour. Plus a digital clock at the center.
* For remembering easily - white=hour, grey=minute.
* Touching the clocks will launch stock alarm app.
* Disk-Weather: Will show current weather condition.


Ultimate UCCW skins for Android - Part 4

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