Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ultimate UCCW skins for Android - Part 1

Since I moved to a city near Seattle last year, I hardly find time to blog. More so, after I bought my first smartphone, the Samsung (Google) Galaxy Nexus. Now most of my free time is spent on reading android blogs and forums and playin with my cell.

Of all the apps that are available in Android play store, Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW) is one of the best. You can create any kind of clock you want. Apart from telling you the time, it also keeps track of weather, your missed calls, texts, mails, battery level etc. It completely changes the look of your smartphone. Such beautiful and sleek themes can be made out of this. This post contains Skins that I've created and awesome skins that I found on the xda thread.

How to use these skins

Gadgets -

This is by far my most favorite uccw setup. This entire screen is made up of 3 UCCW skins. There are slew of hotspots on the screen which will launch your favorite apps. Handle all important stuff from a single screen. Get the uccw skins here -

Blocks UCCW Skins -

The screen has 2 uccw skins - 'Blocks UCCW Skin' and 'Blocks Battery UCCW Skin'. Get the skins here -

Now UCCW Skin-

Bored of the same clock widget layouts? Try this vertical skin instead. All weather and time info in a neatly packed column. Place it on the side of your home-screen or at the center of your lock-screen and see your friends being amazed & asking where u got it.

Clean UCCW Skin-

Wanna have a cool and minimal clock on your android device? Slap this skin on your UCCW widget and show off your device to your friends.

Like the round icons? They are called "Glass Rounds".

Diagonal -

Tired of the same ol' clock widgets and skins? Give it a twist, literally. Sport this diagonal ultimate clock skin and listen to the oooohs and aaaahs. :)
* Time and Date
* Current weather and forecast for 2 days
* Hotspot trigger for alarm and weather update

Colors -
Splash some bright colors on your device's screen with this colorful uccw skin. Minimal skin with beautiful shapes and hotspots triggers.

Digital Eclipse -

And now you get two skins at the price of one. This pack includes "Digital UCCW Skin" and "Eclipse UCCW" skin. Check them out in the screenshots.

Cards UCCW Skin -

Came across this beautiful skin by xiangqianch at the mycolorscreen. Loved it and created this setup from scratch, by using his weather icon and speech bubble. Let me know how u like it.
* Date, Time, Weather, Temperature, Battery.

Wow UCCW Skins -

Rounded edges, subtle colors, sleek fonts - screen-full of 'em. Pack of FOUR uccw skins. Place them all together or one on each screen; looks fabulous any way. The skins contain -
* Wow-Time (4x1) - Current time, with hotspot to launch alarm.
* Wow-Weather (4x2) - Current weather condition, temperature, min/max temperature and location. Hotspot to launch Go WeatherEX and update weather.
* Wow-Date (4x2) - Current day, month, year; with hotspot to launch Calendar.
* Wow-Apps (4x1) - Hotspots for Dialer, Messaging, Gallery, Music. Plus Missed call count, New text msg count.

Ultimate UCCW skins for Android - Part 2

Ultimate UCCW skins for Android - Part 3

Ultimate UCCW skins for Android - Part 4
Drop me a line in the comment box below if you have any questions or if you want any other thing [icons, wallpapers etc] that goes with above skins. Or just to chat. :)

If you appreciate my efforts and would like to say thanks or show your support, please buy some of my apps from Google Play Store or Amazon App Store. Cheers.
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