Thursday, December 2, 2010

Download: “20 things I learned about Browsers and the Web” docx

Yesterday, while going through my subscribed feeds, I came across a new site from Google’s stable. It is called “20 things I learned about Browsers and the Web” and is basically an “Internet for Dummies” book. The review on TechCrunch got me interested and I visited the site.
20 Things: Homepage

I won’t go into much detail of how the site is. Check that out by visiting that site itself. I would only say, this site shows what marvelous feats can be achieved using HTML5. The hard-bound yearbook feel, the curling of pages, the dimming of light, offline accessibility - everything is so cool and sleek. Specially the animation on the pages. You open the book and you see nice animation images. But right click and save those images. Those are PNG files and don’t have any animation in them. Not sure which HTML5 feature did this trick.

Anyway, apart from the awesomeness of the site itself, the content of the book is also very useful for people who are not geeks or would like to learn the basics of all the internet buzzwords. As there are 20 chapters spanning almost 60 pages, there’s “Resuming Reading” feature too, which enables you to leave the site midway and resume reading later on.

20 Things: Resume Reading

But if you want to download the whole book for reading anytime, without having to go online each time, there’s a ‘Print Book’ link at the bottom of the page. You can download a PDF version of the whole book from here.

20 Things: Print Book

But the PDF book thus downloaded is exact opposite of the site, w.r.t. look & feel. The PDF is totally dull looking and linear. I even tried print each chapter individually, using the ‘Print Thing’ link in the left side’s bookmark dropdown.

20 Things: Print individual chapter

But print thus obtained is totally messed up.

20 Things: Print Preview

Hmmmffff. That’s when I started copying the whole content, page by page onto a blank word document, did a little formatting & styling, added a cover & content page and created my own docx version of the book. I too have creative flare, eh..? :P

Anyway, if you want to have this beautiful book, just do one of the following.

  • If you have a Facebook account, visit my link and view/download the book.
  • Or else, download it from here - MediaFire

This book took 4 hours to look like what it is now. Hope you guys like it. Leave your views and feedback in comments below. If you like the content, don't miss subscribing to my feed.

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